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Funding received for important environmental projects


Georges River Council has been successful in receiving two funding allocations totalling $20,000 each for the Beverly Hills Park and Riverwood Park projects, which will commence this year. 

The Beverly Hills Park grant is funded through the Commonwealth Communities Environment Program (CEP). The project will restore regionally significant Ironbark Forest through the installation of permanent fencing, weed removal and planting 1,000 native plants.  

Funding for Riverwood Park will be from Local Land Services through their Priority Wetlands Program. This project will enable Council to improve wetlands and surrounding habitat by removing aquatic weeds, exotic vines and planting 600 native plants. 

Both locations contain regionally significant vegetation comprising endangered ecological communities, including Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest, Coastal Saltmarsh and Swamp Oak Floodplain Forest.  

The important work undertaken by Council at these locations will have a number of environmental benefits. These include improving water quality that enters the Georges River through the careful removal of aquatic weeds and helping to mitigate the urban heat island effect through the planting of native vegetation. 

The addition of 1,600 locally sourced native trees, shrubs and grasses will support Council’s existing environmental projects to achieve its goal of 40% canopy cover by 2038.  

The community will also have a chance to contribute directly to these projects by attending one of two community planting days held at each location. The events will include educational talks and the distribution of flyers to raise awareness of, and assist in enhancing, our local biodiversity. 

Details of the planting days will be announced by Council at a later date. For more information on these two grant projects, please visit or call 9330 6400. 
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