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Funding for expanded Netstrata Jubilee welcome


At the Georges River Council meeting on Monday 23 November, Mayor Kevin Greene welcomed the strategic investment by the NSW Government into the Georges River community, which will help establish the Netstrata Jubilee Stadium area as an internationally-renowned community and sporting precinct.

“I congratulate the NSW Government following Tuesday’s Budget announcement on the initial allocation of $3 million towards planning the $200 million transformation of Netstrata Jubilee Stadium in Kogarah, as a major infrastructure project,” said Mayor Greene in his Mayoral Minute.

Council will work with the NSW Government to plan and deliver a new community experience that will not simply be a football ground but an inter-generational and multi-recreational precinct.

“This strategic investment by the NSW Government into the Georges River community will deliver Council’s and the NSW Government’s shared vision for the area, creating opportunities for our community to gather and connect across a range of sporting, community and cultural services and facilities.

“In collaboration with the NSW Government, Council will revitalise the Stadium and transform the precinct for utilisation by all sporting codes, both amateur and professional, including indoor and outdoor facilities, an aquatic facility, public health and wellness facilities such as hydrotherapy and rehabilitation services, as well as entertainment, concerts, cultural events and local markets.

“Community meeting spaces, a childcare centre, as well as mental health and aged care services will further complement the offerings of the precinct and create a truly multi-dimensional experience for our community and the people of NSW.

“The NSW government has a good track record in the delivery of major infrastructure and Bankwest Stadium at Parramatta is recent evidence of that record. It took only 15 months from the date that implementation planning funds were allocated, to the commencement of construction of the Stadium in January 2017.

“I’m sure the Government will adhere to a similar timeframe on this project to ensure that jobs and investment in Georges River can be delivered without delay.

“In October 2019, we adopted the Local Strategic Planning Statement 2040. We recognised, as did our community that Netstrata Jubilee Stadium is a highly valued asset – one that our community wishes to retain and enhance as a regional sporting and entertainment hub, and a premier sporting precinct with a range of recreation and entertainment options.

“The transformation of Netstrata Jubilee Stadium will deliver many more key objectives adopted by Council from the Create Georges River Cultural Strategy 2019-2030, the Open Space, Recreation and Community Facilities Strategy 2019- 2036 and the Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017-2021, to name but a few.

“The delivery of this state-of-the-art precinct will drive increased local jobs and economic growth for our city; key objectives of the Georges River 2020, the Economic Development Strategy 2018-2022 and the Kogarah Investment Attraction Strategy.

“The NSW Government will lead the planning for this major project and the Minister for Sport has requested that Council provide staff to participate on the project team. I consider it is essential to offer that in-kind assistance to the NSW government so that we can ensure the project will directly benefit both our local community as well as the people of Greater Sydney.

“I look forward to working with the NSW Government to transform Netstrata Jubilee Stadium into a facility for our whole community,” added Mayor Greene.
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