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Free parking spaces made available for St George Hospital healthcare workers


Georges River Council has provided 120 free parking spaces for healthcare workers from St George Hospital. Many are no longer able to commute to work on public transport due to the current risks associated with COVID-19.
Georges River Councillor Sandy Grekas proposed the idea after discussions with healthcare staff about issues that had arisen for them since the outbreak of the virus.
“The park adjoining Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, normally used for overflow parking on NRL game days will be made accessible for hospital staff to park,” said Cr Grekas.
Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene said that in order to make the parking area safe for hospital staff 24 hours a day, seven days per week, installation of additional flood lighting is also being arranged.
“Ideally during this crisis, hospital car parks should be made freely available to healthcare workers where they currently have to pay,” said Mayor Greene.
“We hope similar responses to ours will be seen across the country to ensure our healthcare workers can easily get to and from their place of employment, where they are carrying out such vital work,” he added.
There are roughly three shifts per day, and hospital staff can simply show their employment identification to allow them access to the temporary car park.
Cr Grekas, who started the Facebook group ‘Adopt a Healthcare Worker – St George Hospital’, to provide care packages and general support to hospital staff, added, “I’m really impressed with the responsiveness of Council, and I know they will be doing whatever they can to help care for all our community members throughout this difficult time.”

For more information on Georges River Council’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit or call 9330 6400.

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