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Extended closing date for Place of Public Worship that is currently on exhibition


At its meeting held 1 May 2017, Council adopted a report which contains a set of planning controls and guidelines that have been developed for places of public worship within the Georges River LGA.  The report recommended that the planning controls and guidelines be the subject of consultations with representatives of interested groups and representatives of the places of public worship within the Georges River LGA.

Council is seeking feedback on the Draft Planning Controls and Guidelines for Places of Public Workship.

Written submissions on the draft planning controls and guidelines should be received by the close of business on Friday 6 October 2017.

If you make a submission and have made political donations or gifts, a statement must be completed.  A person may request to have their personal details suppressed, this request should be included in the submission. For more information about Council's Privacy Management Plan, contact the Council’s Governance Section on 9330 6400.
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