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Exhibition explores interaction between nature and people in an urban environment


Hurstville Museum & Gallery is hosting an exhibition from 8 August featuring works from emerging Sydney-based artist, Vyara Malcheva.

Inspired by the oppositional forces that people witness every day, Vyara creates acrylic abstract works that explore colour, shape and texture in context of the visual stimuli she encounters in the environment, transformed through her personal reflections and experiences.

A main theme in her art is the interaction of nature and man in the urban environment which she explores from different perspectives.

Vyara has described how important it is for her to create as she has said ‘when I paint, I exist in this moment where energies meet and balance, where chaos and order interact; where form meets space’. 

Some of her works are directly inspired by the colourful mixture of history and renewal. 

‘My paintings portray the geometry of man’s invention and convoluted natural forms.  These compositions suggest forces trying to find balance in light and space. These abstract works juxtapose forms that are linear and organic, busy and controlled and introspective and observational. I try to capture the energy of the city - a giant organism full of life’.

Vyara had her first solo exhibition in 2019, was a finalist at the Bayside Visual Art Prize the same year and won the Emotionally Thriving category at the Ashrei Art Prize in 2020.

Event: Interactions by Vyara Malcheva
Date: 8 – 30 August 2020
Cost: Free event, all welcome!
Location: Hurstville Museum & Gallery, 14 MacMahon Street, Hurstville

Image: Charting the unknown by Vyara Malcheva
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