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Everything ship-shape with Dover Park gangway upgrade


Sailability boaters at Dover Park will now enjoy increased access to the gangway following a recent upgrade thanks to the generosity of Kogarah Bay Ward Councillors Nick Katris and Stephen Agius.

The Councillors contributed $80,000 of Kogarah Bay funding towards the project from the Councillors’ Minor Capital Works Fund following concerns by boaters that it was difficult to use the pontoon at low tide.

“Sailability provide a great experience and outlet that enriches the lives of sailors with disability,” said Councillor Katris.

“The Dover Park gangway had become increasingly problematic due to sedimentation build up within Kogarah Bay and we are thrilled to have been able to contribute something to remedy the problem,” Councillor Katris added.

“The whole community will benefit from this upgrade. Boats can be accessed safely at all times of the day,” said Councillor Agius.

“We’re chuffed with the result, which has a positive impact for both the Kogarah Bay and Blakehurst Wards.

“We’re always keen to identify where we can make improvements to infrastructure for the benefit of all Georges River residents,” added Councillor Agius.

Feasibility studies and sediment migration modelling were commissioned by Council, and a longer gangway was installed. Existing infrastructure was moved beyond the sediment accumulation zone to ensure plenty of enjoyment for boaters on Kogarah Bay for the long-term.
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