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Crossing on Woniora Road improves student safety


Georges River Council has installed a pedestrian crossing adjacent to Blakehurst High School on Woniora Road, after a request from the school’s Principal Sofia Kapsimalis which was raised by Councillor Sam Elmir.

Councillor Elmir said that it was an important addition that would improve the safety of students heading to and leaving from the school.

“A detailed survey was undertaken which revealed that pedestrian volumes in this location did indeed warrant the installation of the crossing,” said Cr Elmir.

“The crossing is raised, which will also serve as a traffic calming feature and assist in lowering the speed of vehicles in this particular section of road.

“We also had to relocate the bus shelter and change surrounding parking signs to increase the overall safety of pedestrians.

Mayor Kevin Greene said he was pleased to see the crossing installed for safety and improved walkability.

“Walking is the most accessible form of transport there is, and simple measures such as installing a crossing make it an even better option,” said Mayor Greene. “By ensuring our children are as safe as can be when we send them off to school, we help guarantee their safety,” he added.
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