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Councils join forces on Riverwood Precinct Plan


City of Canterbury Bankstown and Georges River Council have joined forces to call on the
NSW Government to allow them to undertake the planning of the identified ‘Riverwood

At last night’s City of Canterbury Bankstown meeting, Administrator Richard Colley commended the Government on its housing affordability package, which earmarked growth and revitalisation for the Riverwood area. However, he added that there are several issues needed addressing, including:

• Provision of high quality open spaces, community facilities, schools, and roads and
transport infrastructure that will be needed to meet the needs of the future community;
• Locking in State and local infrastructure funding arrangements before development
• Mechanisms to ensure development of the suburb occurs in stages; and
• Identifying who should be undertaking the investigations of the area.

“There is no doubt Riverwood is well positioned to accommodate more homes and jobs, but it needs appropriate transport and community infrastructure to support it, and that can’t happen without further studies and funding commitments from the Government,” Mr Colley said.

The new Priority Precinct could see a further 6,000 dwellings built, in addition to those already being planned for the Riverwood Estate by the State Government Land and Housing Corporation.

“While we’re aware the State Significant Precinct and a Land Use and infrastructure Implementation Plan are already being undertaken by the Department of Planning and Environment, we believe our Councils are best placed to deliver a new planning vision for Riverwood,” Mr Colley said.

The Administrator of Georges River Council, John Rayner, said that the two Councils were already working together closely to plan for the future of the new precinct.

“It is agreed that we should continue to work together with our neighbours in Canterbury-Bankstown and with the Department of Planning and Environment to pursue a comprehensive planning outcome for Riverwood,” Mr Rayner said.

“We will be jointly writing to the Minister for Planning and Environment to request that out Councils lead the planning for the future of this precinct.”

This was a joint press release issued by Canterbury-Bankstown Council and Georges River Council. 
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