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Council urges residents to lock it, don’t lose it! in campaign to prevent car theft


Georges River Council is supporting St George Police Area Command in a campaign which encourages Georges River residents to lock up their cars and remove valuables to prevent theft. 

Georges River Council Deputy Mayor Sam Elmir said that community members all have a part to play in putting a stop to theft from cars in the local area.   

“The safety and security of Georges River residents is of the utmost importance to Council, and we have partnered with the St George Police Area Command to help raise awareness of this issue,” explained Cr Elmir.

“St George Police Area Command has recorded an increase in reports of theft from motor vehicle incidents in the local area, but these incidents can be easily prevented by taking a few simple steps, like removing valuable items from view and locking your vehicle.”

St George Police Area Commander, Superintendent Julian Griffiths is urging the community to ensure they take necessary precautions when leaving their cars. 

“Thefts from motor vehicles most commonly occur when thieves come across a car which opens, or they see items of value such as wallets, bags or money when looking into car windows,” Supt Griffiths said. 

“Being a victim of car theft is not only inconvenient and time-consuming, it can also be extremely stressful, through loss of personal property or a financial loss, but also loss of your sense of personal security. All of these negative impacts are what we as police officers work hard to prevent.

“We are calling on all residents to help prevent theft from cars by taking simple security steps. We also ask the community as our eyes and ears to report any suspicious activity.” 

Supt Griffiths is encouraging the community to heed these crime prevention tips:
  • When you leave your car unattended, even for short periods, close all windows, remove the key from the ignition and lock all doors. Remember, it’s an offence under the Australian Road Rules to leave your car unlocked. Disobeying this rule may result in receiving an infringement penalty notice of $112.
  • Ensure that you have removed all property especially mobile telephones, clothing, wallets/purses, bags and money in consoles.
  • Never leave valuable items in view; remove GPS, cradle, phones, iPods, laptops, CD's, money, sunglasses, bags, clothes, sporting equipment to name a few.
  • Never leave important identification documents or cards in your vehicle when it is left unattended. 
  • Use caution when taking goods to your motor vehicle in shopping centres. Some thieves watch owners take property to their motor vehicles and steal the items when they leave to continue shopping. 
  • Tradespeople who may not be able to remove items from their vehicles should try and secure their tools and equipment in locked cabinets or fit a locked canopy to their trays. 
  • Report any suspicious activity you see in your street or places you are visiting, people walking around parked cars without a purpose or trying door handles should be reported to the police.
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