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Council updates the Development Application process


Georges River Council will soon join the Online Concurrence and Referral Service offered through the NSW Planning Portal, which will include a change in the process for local residents lodging Development Applications (DA). 
Council has partnered with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment to adapt digital services on the NSW Planning Portal, so State agency advice can be requested and received online, replacing the current method of post.   
This means that for community members who lodge a DA from the end of September 2019 that requires State agency advice (for example, from the NSW Rural Fire Service or Roads and Maritime Services), Council will submit a request to that agency via the NSW Planning Portal.  
Customers will be notified by email to register and login to the NSW Planning Portal, where they will need to pay any relevant state agency fees online. Cheques for these fees will no longer be accepted.  
The portal will also offer local residents an easy-to-use dashboard for tracking state agency comments and advice in relation to their DA, increasing efficiency and transparency in the process.  
Georges River residents can continue to track the progress of their Development Application in its entirety using Council’s Online Application Tracking System ‘eTrack’. 
The new process is mandatory for all Councils across NSW from 1 January 2020. Click here for more information on the Planning Portal. For more information on Georges River Council, please visit or call Council on 9330 6400.   
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