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Council to work towards net zero emissions by 2025


Georges River Council reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability at the Council meeting on 25 November 2019, where Council set a target of achieving 100% renewable energy and net zero emissions for Council operations by 2025. 
Council resolved to provide in-principle support for a net zero emissions target by 2025 or as soon as practicable, through implementing a framework to reduce carbon emissions based on mitigation initiatives and innovative technology. 
The final endorsement of a specific year for reaching net zero emissions will be confirmed following a report from the General Manager that investigates the funding implications of the target.  
The report will also detail opportunities for a greater proportion of Council’s investment portfolio to be directed to ethical and environmentally responsible investments which are low risk and have returns equal to, or greater than, existing investments. 
Council’s Environmental and Planning Committee reviewed a report at its meeting on 11 November 2019 which documented current mitigation initiatives in Council operations, as well as financial implications for further mitigation actions to achieve net zero carbon emissions.  
The report recommends various mitigation actions, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon stock/sequestration and changing staff’s behaviour through education. These initiatives also include cost savings by reducing energy consumption. 
In addition, Council resolved that from 2020, information on the progress of achieving net zero emissions will be included in its annual report, as well as objectives for the following year in relation to this target. 
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