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Council to lend support for LGNSW Save our Recycling Campaign


Georges River Council is lending its support to the local government sector’s Save Our Recycling campaign and is calling for urgent action from the State Government to help build a circular economy in NSW.

The NSW Government collects revenue from a Waste Levy via licensed waste facilities, and according to the latest NSW budget papers, revenue totalled $772 million in 2018/19.

Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene said that the NSW Government has failed to deliver on its promise of a major education campaign to support kerbside recycling, and a Waste Infrastructure Plan and Waste Strategy are also overdue.

“Revenue from the Waste Levy is expected to increase by about 70 percent from 2012/13 to 2022/23,” said Mayor Greene.

“By the end of this period the Waste Levy revenue is forecast to have increased to more than $800 million a year, which equates to $100 for every person in NSW, however only one-fifth of this revenue is invested back into waste and recycling programs.

“There is a very real and urgent challenge to manage recycled products, especially since China and other countries ceased importation of plastic and paper recycling from Australia.

“We are throwing our support behind the Save our Recycling campaign, which outlines ways the State government can work with us to properly develop, fund and deliver the waste and recycling systems our communities deserve,” added Mayor Greene.

Over 2.5 million tonnes of NSW domestic waste collected by councils goes to landfill every year, much of which could be recycled into useful products.

While up to 90 per cent of Australians are keen to recycle, only around 42 per cent of NSW household waste is currently recycled, with the rest sent to rapidly diminishing landfill space.

The Save Our Recycling campaign is calling for the Waste Levy to be reinvested in:

  • Increasing local and state government procurement of recycled goods made with domestic content
  • Delivering a state-wide education campaign on the importance of recycling to encourage the right way to recycle, the purchase of products with recycled content, and promoting waste avoidance
  • Funding councils to develop regional plans for the future of waste and resource recovery in their regions
  • Priority infrastructure and other local projects needed to deliver the regional scale plans, particularly where a market failure has been identified.

Georges River Council supports the implementation of this four-point plan which will result in being able to deal with recycling which would previously have been shipped offshore, right here at home, creating jobs and boosting local economies.

Council is also reminding residents to keep recycling at home, and take eligible containers to a Return and Earn location.

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