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Council to collaborate with the Museum of Chinese in Australia


At the Council Meeting on Monday 26 October, Councillor Nancy Liu put forward a Notice of Motion in support of the establishment of the new Museum of Chinese in Australia (MOCA) in Haymarket, Sydney.
Councillor Liu spoke about the significance of the new museum to the Georges River community and explained how Council could collaborate with the City of Sydney to offer curatorial advice and loan objects, artefacts and oral histories from the Hurstville Museum & Gallery.
“We as a community have a very strong identity related to Chinese migration. More than a quarter of Georges River residents have Chinese ancestry, and Mandarin and Cantonese are the two most spoken languages other than English at home,” said Councillor Liu.

“The Georges River’s unique Chinese culture has previously been showcased through collections in the Hurstville Museum and Gallery, and I understand that we are working in partnership with Create NSW to develop a new exhibition exploring Chinese migration in the Georges River area for 2021.

“The development and opening of the MOCA will provide additional resources for our local community and allow for possible partnership opportunities with the Hurstville Museum and Gallery in the future,” added Councillor Liu.

Chair of the Board at the MOCA, Dr John Yu AC, supported Councillor Liu’s Motion and spoke about the important role Council can play in the museum’s development.

“As the Georges River population with Chinese heritage approaches 30%, representing one of the biggest Chinese communities in Australia, I really welcome the support of Georges River Council through its promotion of MOCA, encouraging the local community to contribute to this project and celebrate the contribution of Chinese immigrants in Australian history,” said Dr Yu.

City of Sydney Councillor Craig Chung thanked Councillor Liu for bringing the MOCA to the attention of Georges River Council.

“The next phase of MOCA is to encourage all Australians to support and engage with the organisation to develop a sustainable fundraising platform and to commence the exhibition of the history of Chinese in Australia,” said Councillor Chung.

“I welcome the support of Georges River Council through its promotion of MOCA and curatorial support,” he added.

Council currently hosts a collection of objects and oral histories exploring the rich migrant history and living culture of Chinese Australians in the Georges River area, including the MAGNA award-winning permanent exhibition St George Stories: people - places - community which explores the diverse communities who have helped shaped the Georges River Region. The MOCA will encourage Georges River residents with Chinese ancestry to explore their roots.

MOCA will be located in the former Haymarket Library within the Sydney CBD and Georges River Council is encouraging members of the community to donate to the project by visiting:

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