Council supports Beverley Park Golf Club’s tree management project


As part of the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund Program, Georges River Council has awarded $50,000 in funding to the Beverley Park Golf Club to help with the removal and replacement of trees throughout and along the boundaries of its golf course.
President of the Beverley Park Golf Club, Frank Bates, said the club was greatly appreciative that Council had awarded $50,000 towards its project.
“For a number of years now I had submitted various applications for grants on behalf of the Golf Club to assist with developing various projects to enhance the grounds,” he said.
“We have had trouble with trees on the boundaries of the course and within the course dying and, in turn, becoming a danger to golfers, pedestrians, and parked cars.”
“This funding gives us an opportunity to now address this immediate problem.”
Mr Bates explained that the funds will allow the Club to remove the dangerous trees and replace them with new ones.
“This will add to the future environmental development and embellishment of Beverley Park Golf Course,” he said.
Administrator of Georges River Council, John Rayner, said Council is committed to supporting projects and initiatives, which meet local needs.
“I would like to congratulate the Beverley Park Golf Club for their successful application to the Stronger Communities Fund Program,” he said.
“The $50,000 in funding that has been awarded to the club will go a long way to helping it undertake this project.”
More than 60 applications were received by Council requesting funding through the Stronger Communities Fund Program.
Of these applications, 27 were awarded funding ranging from $10,000 to $50,000, which overall totalled $1 million.
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