Council successful in the Court of Appeal – resident to reduce number of poultry on premises


On Thursday 17 August, Georges River Council was successful in the Court of Appeal against a Peakhurst resident who had been keeping in excess of 150 chickens, Japanese quail and other poultry at his premises.

Mr Mofeed Louis Tanious of 1 Arnold Street, Peakhurst, had failed to comply with Georges River Council’s policy and a Council Order – which was upheld by the NSW Land and Environment Court – to reduce the number of birds on his premises, which is owned by the NSW Department of Housing.

The Court has ordered that, consistent with Section 124 of The Local Government Act 1993, Mr Tanious must remove all poultry from his premises with the exception of 10 birds and offspring up to the age of three months. He must also remove all roosters from the property.

The former Hurstville City Council had previously taken action against Mr Tanious for the removal of the excessive number of poultry on his premises as they were being kept under conditions that have the potential to cause unhealthy conditions.

Council is pleased that the matter has finally been resolved by the Court of Appeal.