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Council set to establish a strong long-term vision for Georges River area


After two successful years of building a new local government organisation, Georges River Council will now set its sights on becoming one of the most influential Councils in NSW.

Following a notice of motion raised by Councillor Colleen Symington at the Council Meeting held on 26 February, Georges River Council will now investigate how it will advance the status, presence and reputation of the organisation in NSW.

“Due to the merger process, Council had to place a lot of emphasis on laying down the foundations of the new organisation to ensure the needs of the community are met,” Councillor Symington said.

“With the democratic election of Councillors in September 2017, we now have the responsibility of shifting Council’s focus from looking inward to looking at the strategic direction of the organisation.”

“It is extremely important that we concentrate on positioning Council as a strong force not just in the Sydney Metropolitan region but in NSW as a whole for the greater benefit of our community.”

“We also need to focus on making our presence known to both State and Federal Governments, so we are consulted and included in government decisions that affect investment in the Georges River area and wider region,” she added.

Councillor Symington explained in order to achieve this and make Council a strong force within NSW, that a 30-year vision will need to be created.

“We can’t advance our position as a leading Council and as a strong force unless we have a long-term vision for our local area,” Councillor Symington said.

“While it is important that we continue to deliver first-class facilities and services to local residents, it’s also important that Council establishes a long-term direction for the city so we can make decisions that are in the best interests of the community and offer value for money for our ratepayers.”

“It will also assist us in securing the necessary government funding through our local Members of Parliament to service business and social needs,” she added.

Mayor of Georges River Council, Kevin Greene, said Councillor Symington’s motion shows that Council is determined to secure its future as a leading organisation in NSW.

“I thank Councillor Symington for instigating this initiative and for having the vision of a strong Georges River Council,” he said.

“By setting this vision, Council will be on the front foot to advance its reputation, brand and influence within this region and will also be able to position itself as an organisation that will not only be better able to serve the local community but strongly represent them to all levels of government,” he added.
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