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Council seeks to safe guard the Georges River area from NSW Government’s Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code


Following the NSW Government’s decision to implement a new Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code, Georges River Council is taking action to protect the local area from the detrimental effects the Code could have on the community.

At the 28 May Council Meeting, Deputy Mayor Kathryn Landsberry called on Council to take steps to defer the introduction of the State Government’s Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code in July 2018.

“Georges River Council has a duty to safe guard this area from the significant implications this Code will have for our residents,” Councillor Landsberry said.

“When implemented, this new Code will allow Private Certifiers to approve manor homes, as well as duplexes and terrace housing in R2 low density residential zones on lots only12m wide, with minimal neighbour notification and no requirement for objections to be considered.”

“To protect our community from inappropriate development, Council will immediately prepare a Planning Proposal to prohibit the development of these developments in R2 low density residential zones, and restrict dual occupancy development to current planning rules,” she said.

“Council will also write to the Minister for Planning, the Hon. Anthony Roberts MP to seek an exemption from this new Code and to request that Council’s local planning controls remain in effect until our Planning Proposal has been gazetted,” she added.

Mayor of Georges River Council, Kevin Greene, said protecting the local area from the significant effects of the new code is a key priority for Council.

“We need to stand firm on what is right for this local area and be able to have a say in the future of our local communities.”

“The State Government’s new code has the potential to greatly impact on local infrastructure by increasing the number of dwellings within low density residential areas,” he said.

“An increase in the number of dwellings in low density residential areas can affect our roads, facilities and especially the availability of parking.”

“Georges River Council owes it to local residents to ensure that the areas they live in are not affected by over-development that this new code will permit.”

“I applaud Councillor Landsberry for bringing this matter to Council and for protecting the interests of local residents,” he said.

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