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Council secures grant funding for environmental and open space projects


Georges River Council Administrator John Rayner said Council has been successful in securing three grants from the Australian Government for environmental and open space improvement projects throughout the local area. 
Mr Rayner said the grant funding, totalling $1.3 million, was made available through the Government’s Improving Your Local Parks and Environment Fund.
“Council has received $800,000 in funding, which will be matched by Council, to go towards Stage 3 of the Carss Bush Park Foreshore Naturalisation Project,” he said.
“Stage 3 will continue the design and construction of the environmentally friendly seawalls and the creation of the rocky intertidal zones and terrestrial habitats.”
“The project will also include the construction of new pathways and boardwalks, which enable park users to reconnect with Kogarah Bay.”
Work on Stage 3 of this project is scheduled to commence in mid-2018, Mr Rayner added.
Mr Rayner also said $300,000 has been awarded to the Gannons Park parkland Restoration Project.
“This project will include the restoration of a degraded area of open space located at the bottom of Gannons Park to parkland,” he explained.
“Works for this project will commence at the conclusion of construction works associated with the Gannons Park Water Quality Improvement and Stormwater Harvesting Scheme.”
A total of $200,000 has also been allocated towards the construction of a pedestrian boardwalk through Myles Dunphy Reserve, Mr Rayner said.
“The boardwalk will enable better access for walkers and create a link from one side of the Reserve to the other across the waterway, thereby completing a circle loop of walking tracks around the Reserve,” he said.
“This boardwalk will help to minimise erosion and vegetation damage caused by walkers using informal tracks.  Stairs will also be constructed from the bottom of Waratah Street, Oatley to lead down to the boardwalk to enable better access.”
“It is proposed that the 100-metre long boardwalk will be built in mid-2018 and will be constructed from recycled plastic, which is an extremely sustainable and durable material,” he added.
Mr Rayner thanked the Federal Government for awarding the three grants to Council to undertake these projects.
“This will greatly help Council in completing these projects.”
For more information about Council’s environmental projects, please contact 9330 6400 or visit
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