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Council issues rectification notices for buildings containing combustible cladding


Following the implementation of new NSW regulations and associated product bans related to combustible cladding, Georges River Council is taking action to inform its community of any associated requirements.

Properties in the Georges River area either with, or potentially containing, combustible cladding were required to register their properties on the NSW Cladding register by 22 February 2019.

The new laws commenced 22 October 2018 and comprise the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Identification of Buildings with Combustible Cladding) Regulation 2018.

42 properties in the Georges River area have been identified to potentially contain combustible cladding and are on the register. Council has issued formal Cladding Notices for buildings that contain cladding which is not consistent with the Building Code of Australia.

Mayor of Georges River Council Kevin Greene said that Council has implemented a program to ensure buildings with non-compliant products are rectified as soon as possible.

“Council is currently working with property owners of registered buildings to have the non-compliant cladding removed and replaced with material consistent with the provisions of the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards,” explained Mayor Greene.

“The new laws enforced by the NSW Government regarding buildings with combustible cladding are part of a whole-of-government response to the fire safety risks posed by external combustible cladding.

“Council takes this matter very seriously and if properties fail to take remedial action, Council may take appropriate regulatory action,” added Mayor Greene.

You can read more at Frequently Asked Questions for further information. 

For any additional information or if you would like to report a building you suspect contains combustible cladding, contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9330 6400. 

For further information on the new Regulation, please visit Planning NSW.
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