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Council innovation recognised in Smart City Awards


Georges River Council’s progress in harnessing smart city technologies for the local area has been recognised at the Committee for Sydney Smart City Awards 2019, with Council receiving a Highly Commended award for cross sectoral collaboration.  
The awards celebrate projects and partnerships that address the fundamental challenges faced by cities, governments, industry and communities in Greater Sydney.  
Mayor of Georges River Council Kevin Greene said that Council’s collaboration on smart city technology has resulted in the delivery of first-of-their-kind public spaces for the community.  
“I am delighted that Council has been recognised for its collaboration in smart city technologies, for its strong partnership with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Street Furniture Australia,” said Mayor Greene. 
“By working closely with both organisations, Council will improve the lifestyle in the Georges River area and residents’ access to smart technologies through the creation of three ChillOUT hubs which will be located in Mortdale, Kogarah and Hurstville. 
“These new social spaces are aimed at reducing the temperature, facilitating social connections and activating public spaces through technology, shading and greenery.” 
The Australian Government’s $50 million Smart Cities and Suburbs Program provides investment for innovative technology-based solutions to urban challenges for Australia’s cities, suburbs and towns. 
Georges River Council, in collaboration with UNSW and Street Furniture Australia, has been successful in securing two consecutive grants to provide ‘smart social spaces’ for the Georges River community.  
Council’s ChillOUT hubs are designed to be human-centred, scalable, smart and measurable. The final design concept is a modern cluster of smart street furniture embedded with technology to measure climate, usage and maintenance.   
The project has seen collaboration from a diverse cross-section of representatives including Industrial designers, landscape architects, urban planners, marketing specialists, engineers and local government professionals.  
To support the outcomes of this project, Council is focusing on extending the local tree canopy and delivering innovative green solutions through the city as part of the NSW Government’s 5 Million Trees initiative. Council is also working collaboratively internally to plant new street trees and extend shading. 
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