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Council helps to deliver women’s crisis accommodation in Hurstville


Georges River Council is assisting in the provision of women’s crisis accommodation in Hurstville, with Council to donate $5,000 towards lease costs for Kingsway Community Care, as decided at its Council meeting on Monday 22 July 2019. 
Mayor of Georges River Council Kevin Greene said that Council had identified a need for this facility in the community.    “We know that there is a shortage of women’s crisis centres, not only in the Georges River area, but also across Australia, and I am delighted that Council is able to help offer more of these crucial services, to ensure women can access support when they need it the most,” said Mayor Greene. 
The Motion was put forward by Councillor Leesha Payor, who explained that Council has made the supply of women’s refuge accommodation a priority for the Georges River area. 
“Council has been working towards the provision of this additional women’s crisis accommodation since 2018, and the $5,000 will see Council waive legal fees associated with the lease preparation for the property, so that Kingsway Community Care can focus on providing a safe community space for women.”  
In May 2018, Council resolved to allocate $60,000 in funding from the 2018/19 budget for the transformation of a Council property in Hurstville to a women’s crisis accommodation facility. Council also resolved to lease the site to Kingsway Community Care for a peppercorn rental, subsidising the annual rental costs of $50,000. 
Kingsway Community Care was selected as the service provider for the management of the women’s refuge following an Expression of Interest process. 
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