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Council funding boosts local Toy Library service


St George Playgroup has received a donation of $500 from Councillor Sandy Grekas’ Discretionary Fund Grant, to help renew and improve its Toy Library service in Oatley. 
The community facility offers a range of toys for local families to hire, including its most popular item, the ‘Party Pack’, which generates the majority of the Toy Library’s income.  
Councillor Grekas chose to donate the last of the funds from her Discretionary Fund Grant to the Toy Library because of the important role the service plays in the community. 
“I nominated St George Playgroup for my Councillor’s Discretionary Fund to acknowledge all the wonderful work they do, and the support they provide local families in our community,” explained Cr Grekas. 
“I remember very clearly being a new mum, and the social and emotional benefits that both parents and children get from attending playgroup.  
“14 years on, I still have fantastic memories of the time my children and I spent at our local playgroup, and the strong friendships formed. The Toy Library is a great initiative and I’m thrilled to be able to help provide new resources.” 
Treasurer of St George Playgroups Mishel Piercy said that the funding will help to refresh items on offer for hire by local families and add value to the ‘Party Pack’, which contains children’s tables, chairs, kids’ roller coasters and toy cars for riding. 
“The funding from Cr Grekas will help to renew the library’s older items and purchase a new, lighter set of children’s tables and chairs, better suited to lifting and transporting,” explained Mishel.  
“If there are sufficient funds remaining, we also plan to purchase a new set of kids’ toy roller coasters as our current ones are getting old and slightly damaged. 
“The Georges River community will now have access to an improved toy offering, and the new toys will allow more families to hire from us, which will help to raise more money for our future events.” 
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