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Council develops Reputation Strategy


Over the next 10 years, Sydney will transform from a second-tier global city to one that is recognised among the top 10 world cities. The Georges River area is in a strong position to capitalise on these changes, and enhance the quality of life and opportunities in the local area.
The Georges River Reputation Strategy, which provides insights and recommendations for strengthening the reputation of the Georges River area, was endorsed at the Extraordinary Council Meeting on Monday 20 April 2020.
The strategy will inform Council’s future marketing of the Georges River area, which will become increasingly important as our city recovers from the COVID-19 crisis, and community members and visitors are able to once again discover and explore local gems. 
It identifies challenges and how to address them, in order to increase awareness of the Georges River area outside its suburban makeup. A variety of recommendations for positioning and strengthening the local area’s reputation, based on its unique strengths, are also listed.
Mayor of Georges River Council Kevin Greene explained that insights revealed perceptions from people both within and outside of the Georges River area.
“Research undertaken found that there is significant opportunity to increase the profile of the Georges River area and the great lifestyle people at all stages of life can enjoy.
“Reputation is becoming increasingly important in the local government context as cities compete for investment, talent and renown, and there are ways that Council can work to attract high-quality investment into the area including universities, public transport infrastructure projects and high-quality jobs. 
“This includes growing our reputation through sport, our people, cultural diversity, great schools, healthcare, wellness, innovation, the natural environment, economic development and by improving the local built environment.
“Given the current climate, we understand it is difficult for people to truly discover all we have to offer, and over the next few months we will be taking steps towards the reopening of our city including a deep cleanse of town centres,” added Mayor Greene.
Council will also promote local public art and walking tracks, and is currently offering marketing support for the small businesses still trading throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Georges River Reputation Strategy will be used to guide the development of a marketing campaign which will highlight and promote unique local offerings including cultural experiences, vibrant small business, jobs growth potential for Kogarah and Hurstville and parks and reserves.  
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