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Council continues to make community environmental education a priority


Georges River Council is making progress as part of its commitment to protecting the environment, with the ongoing implementation of its Environmental Educational Program. 
Mayor of Georges River Council Kevin Greene commented on the success of the program to-date and encouraged local residents to get involved in Council’s upcoming environmental events.  
“This year has seen Council put the focus on educating the community so that local residents have the power and knowledge they need to take environmental conservation into their own hands, and backyards,” said Mayor Greene. 
“It has been fantastic to see such an enthusiastic response from the community regarding Council’s Environmental Education Program, with hundreds of people already attending Council’s educational events. 
“106 residents have joined four of Council’s free worm farming and composting workshops this year, and 200 local residents have attended 10 environmental workshops which included native plant propagation, a native bee workshop, a fauna spotlighting evening, and a flying fox monitoring workshop.  
“Council has also held two information sessions on the European Red Fox and distributed 2,500 fox education guides to residents living in suburbs with high fox activity.   
“These are just some of the many environmental programs that Council is running this year, and I strongly encourage local residents to get involved in educational events across the rest of 2019.  
“Strong attendance at these events highlights the progress that Council is making delivering on environmental goals set out in its Delivery Program and Operational Plan, and I commend Council’s Environment Team for their hard work educating and empowering our community.”   

The Educational Program is outlined in Georges River Council’s Delivery Program 2018/19 to 2020/21 and Operational Plan 2019/20, which was adopted by Council on June 24 2019 after a period of extensive community consultation. 
Environmental Education Program – free upcoming events  
Composting and Worm Farming Workshops 
Over 50% of household rubbish can be composted. These workshops will encourage residents to view food waste produced at home as a resource, not rubbish. Find the next event. 
Repair Café Workshops    

The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre will teach participants techniques for repairing items, with a focus on repairing and reusing. Find the next event.  
Retail Your Rubbish event  

Retail Your Rubbish is an initiative that encourages the reuse of household items through a garage sale event. Join this fun community initiative on Saturday 21 September 2019, to find your used goods a new home, or bag yourself a bargain.  Find out more.  

To view Georges River Council’s Delivery Program 2018/19 to 2020/21 and Operational Plan 2019/20, click here.

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