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Council congratulations for the Football Federation of Australia


At its meeting on Monday 27 July 2020, Georges River Council congratulated the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) on being awarded the rights for Australia and New Zealand to host the next FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023. Council also acknowledged the Matildas for their outstanding efforts representing Australia in women’s football.

Councillor Nick Katris commended the FFA for the historic win, which will see the first joint confederations (Asia and Oceania) bid, and the Women’s World Cup hosted in the Southern Hemisphere for the first time ever.

“The purpose of this motion is to acknowledge and give professional and competitive Women’s Football due recognition, as a prime contributor to the world of sport,” said Councillor Katris.

“This will be the first Women's World Cup to be hosted in multiple countries and the first FIFA World Cup to he hosted by joint confederations. It will also be the first FIFA Women's World Cup held in the Southern Hemisphere, the first senior FIFA tournament to be held in Oceania and the first FIFA tournament to be hosted across multiple confederations.

“The Matildas are a three-time Oceania Football Confederation champion, one-time Asian Football Confederation champion and one-time ASEAN Football Federation champion.

“They became the first ever national team to win in two different confederations, and the team has represented Australia at the FIFA Women's World Cup on seven occasions and at the Olympic Games on two. They are now ranked 7th in the world. 

“The Matildas have not only had tremendous success on the word stage, they have also led the fight for equality in sport and reached an equal pay agreement with the FFA.

“Soccer continues to grow at the grass roots in our local area. In 2023, there will be role models and heroes that young women in NSW will aspire to emulate and I'm sure this World Cup will inspire our next generation of Matildas,” added Councillor Katris.

CEO of St George Football Association (SGFA) Craig Kiely also congratulated the FFA on the win, and said that the number of women playing football is on the rise in the Georges River area.

“There is no doubt that hosting the event will drive enormous benefits directly to grassroots football, and accelerate the advancement of the women’s game at every level,” said Mr Kiely.

“SGFA currently has over 9,000 registered players, of which 2,000 are female. Ensuring the continued growth of the female game in our region is a strategic priority for the SGFA, with our goal to have one third of all participants female in the next four years.

“SGFA would like to applaud the efforts of the FFA and Football New Zealand in delivering this outcome, and we look forward to our region playing a role in the biggest and best ever FIFA World Cup in 2023,” added Mr Kiely.

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