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Council commits to target of net zero emissions by 2025


Georges River Council endorsed a target of net zero emissions by July 2025 at its meeting on Monday 26 October, which will be supported by Council’s goal of achieving 100% renewable energy in its operations by the same year.

The Mayor of Georges River Council commended the council for its decision and said that the target will be achieved through a combination of implementing mitigation initiatives and purchasing carbon offsets.
“We know that setting clear goals and timeframes is critical to achieving significant environmental outcomes, and I am proud to share that Council has endorsed a decision to achieve net zero emissions by 2025,” said Mayor Greene.

“This will be achieved through a range of projects and initiatives under four categories - energy efficiency, renewable energy, carbon sequestration and changing staff behaviour.
“Council has already implemented a number of energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives over the past year and I look forward to building on these successes as we work towards 100% renewable energy and net zero emissions by 2025.

“I would like to commend Council’s Sustainability Staff for their hard work and dedication preparing a report which outlines the financial implications and a plan for achieving this milestone, which is a leading and progressive commitment,” added Mayor Greene.

Under the Energy Efficiency category, Council will continue to implement the initiatives identified in the Energy and Water Management Plan and support renewable and energy efficiency projects through the Revolving Energy Fund. It will also complete a program to switch streets lights to LED and develop a plan to convert the Council passenger fleet to a low carbon fleet.

Actions in the Renewable Energy category include a commitment to the Power Purchase Agreement and increasing the percentage of renewable energy to 100% by 2025. Council will continue to roll-out solar panels across Council buildings, and investigate options to introduce battery storage to maximise its use of solar power.

Council’s target of achieving 40% tree canopy cover by 2038 and continued implementation of its tree planting program will improve carbon sequestration locally.

Changing staff behaviour will be achieved through the implementation of internal education and behaviour change programs to promote energy efficiency and the use of low carbon transport options, and to reduce waste and increase resource recovery in operations.

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