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Council awarded $2.5 million to prepare new local plans


Georges River Council will receive $2.5 million in funding from the NSW Government for an accelerated review of its Local Environmental Plans (LEPs), as part of the Government’s Accelerated LEP Council Funding Program.

The funding will enable Council’s planning to align with priorities outlined in the Greater Sydney Commission’s South District Plan and will be used to develop a long-term comprehensive Housing Strategy for the Local Government Area.

Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene said that the funding will help Council identify the housing needs of Council’s current and  future local residents to better meet the requirements of the community.

“We are delighted to receive this funding which gives Council an opportunity to embrace the local area’s population growth and bring about greater benefits to more people in more places,” said Mayor Greene.

“Council has not assessed the Local Government Area’s changing demographic forecasts of population and local housing demand since the  current LEPs were gazetted in 2012.

“The funding will go a long way in helping to ensure we are planning to adequately meet the demands of an increasing population and the NSW Government’s housing targets.”

The Housing Strategy will determine the type of residential development required for the existing and future population incorporating low, medium and high density housing options. The Strategy will also outline how development can be supported by local infrastructure including schools, open space, transport and community facilities. “In Council’s Draft Economic Development Strategy we identified that the range of housing in the local area needs to reflect the incomes and needs of workers,” said Mayor Greene.

“This will give the local community greater opportunity to work close to home, and a comprehensive Housing Strategy will ensure that Council can support the development of suitable housing that also maintains local character.”

The development of a Housing Strategy forms part of Council’s ten-year Community Strategic Plan, which was created through extensive community consultation.

Community members cited housing affordability as a key concern for the local area and the Housing Strategy will pave the way towards delivering Council’s target of around 1,000 additional homes every year until 2021.

“The funding will give Council access to the expertise of both the Greater Sydney Commission and the Department of Planning and Environment to ensure housing development supports a sustainable and liveable community,” said Mayor Greene.
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