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Council adopts Georges River Transformation and Implementation Plan 2016


Administrator of Georges River Council, John Rayner, said Council is successfully meeting all NSW Government requirements as a newly formed entity and will continue this progress by a Transformation and Implementation Plan for the organisation.
Mr Rayner said this Plan is measurable, and has a clear framework for monitoring and communicating the progress of the amalgamated Council.
“This Plan has a focus on achieving the best results across Council while also ensuring that the needs and interests of the community continue to be met,” he said. 
“It is also adaptive, meaning Council is able to respond quickly and efficiently to any new opportunities or challenges.”
“The Plan was created alongside other key documents and takes the objectives of those reports into consideration. Those documents include The New Council Implementation Fund Allocations, Savings Targets and the Stronger Councils Framework.”
Mr Rayner said creating and implementing an Implementation Plan is a key deliverable for all amalgamated Councils and a requirement of the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet.
“A first draft of Georges River Council’s Plan was reviewed by representatives of the Department of Premier and Cabinet to ensure the Plan met reporting and monitoring requirements - feedback from the Department was very positive.”
“Ongoing reporting on key projects outlined within the Plan will be shared with members of the community every quarter via reports to Council.”
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