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ChillOUT Hubs earn Best Planning Ideas award


Georges River Council, in partnership with UNSW, Street Furniture Australia and the University of Sydney, won the award for ‘Best Planning Ideas – Small Project’ at the NSW Awards for Planning Excellence held in late November for its ChillOUT Hubs: Smart Social Spaces Creating Connected Green Places project.

The category recognises a project that benefits a site or place, and is awarded for planning documents, programs, policies or projects that advance current planning practice within a localised setting.

COVID-19 has reinforced the need for high quality open spaces to be readily accessible to the communities of the Georges River local area.

Using a collaborative approach to design, the ChillOUT hubs addressed this need through delivery of innovative open-air community spaces that are adaptable to changing community needs and expectations.

The hubs were installed in the public domain as part of the Australian Government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs Program which aims to solve urban challenges and improve local community and liveability. They offer people a free, comfortable place to meet, work and play. They also enable asset managers to monitor utilities, visitation and the microclimate.

The hubs are the result of a partnership between industry, academia and local government and provide a practical, functional and sustainable translation of smart cities concepts.
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