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Change starts with you. Help Clean Up Australia to keep the Georges River area beautiful


Georges River Council is calling on local residents to get involved in a Clean Up Australia Day event, to help keep the Georges River area beautiful. 

Council is supporting a number of gatherings for Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday 3 March 2019. 

Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene said that the annual event is a prime opportunity for local residents to come together to achieve positive outcomes for the community and the environment. 

“I am pleased that Council is supporting Clean Up Australia Day once again, with plenty of events across the Georges River area. If there’s a location you have noticed that could use a clean-up, register it online via the Clean Up Australia Day website,” said Mayor Greene. 

“Participating in this annual event provides a fantastic opportunity to get involved in a great community activity which helps to remove rubbish and keep the local area looking beautiful. 

“I thank the schools for their involvement in the Clean Up – in particular Kogarah Public School, Georges River College Oatley Senior Campus and Mortdale Public School,” he added. 

Terrie-Ann Johnson, Managing Director of Clean Up Australia, warns that plastics, with their inability to decompose, will, unless we take action today, continue to impact our environment, our natural heritage and ultimately human health well into the future. 

“Thirty years ago, Ian Kiernan AO predicted the problems that single-use plastics would pose. Since then we have seen ever-increasing dependence on plastic as a throw-away item – and that needs to change. The choice is simple – take action or plastics will continue to be a problem well into the future,” said Terrie-Ann. 

This year’s Clean Up Australia Day event is the first following the passing of the organisation’s founder, Ian Kiernan, in October 2018. Kiernan led the charge to clean up the environment with great passion and commitment, and his legacy and vision will continue to make an impact long into the future. 

Litter directly associated with single use food packaging made up 66.5% of the rubbish reported by NSW Clean Up volunteers, nearly 5% above the national average. Of this, food wrappers and containers came in 5.2% higher, beverage rubbish was 2.5% and plastic bags 0.3% above national recordings. 

What is also disappointing to note is that food packaging as a percentage of all rubbish reported across NSW increased by 7%, beverage containers by 7.9% and plastic bags by 1.4%. “We still have a way to go to Clean Up Australia, so remember change starts with you!” 

To register or join a 2019 Clean Up site go to:
Event Type Date Time Organisation Site Location
School Clean Up 1 March 2019 12.30pm-1.30pm Kogarah Public School 24B Gladstone Street, Kogarah
Youth Clean Up 1 March 2019 1.30pm-3.30pm Georges River College Oatley Senior Campus Oatley Avenue, Oatley
Community Clean Up 3 March 2019 8.00am Kogarah Bay Progress Association Kogarah Bay
Community Clean Up 3 March 2019 9.00am   18 Banksia Place, Lugarno
Youth Clean Up 2 March 2019 7.30am-11.00am 2nd Mortdale Scout Group Oatley Park Avenue, Oatley
Community Clean Up 3 March 2019 8.00am Georges River Council 1 Glen Road, Oatley
Community Clean Up 5 March 2019 10.00am Club Central 37 Mountbatten Street, Oatley
Community Clean Up 3 March 2019 11.30am Sydney Hongkongese Community Group Morshead Drive, Connells Point
Community Clean Up 3 March 2019 10.30am-12.00pm Laal Charitable Association Oatley Pleasure Grounds, Annette Street, Oatley
Community Clean Up 3 March 2019 9.30am-11.00am Lugarno Progress Association Murdock Crescent, Lugarno
Community Clean Up 3 March 2019 8.30am-12.00pm Oatley Flora & Fauna Conservation Societty Rickard Road, South Hurstville
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