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COVID-19 - Changes to Council, Standing and Advisory Committee Meetings


Council continues to monitor Australian Government and NSW Health Orders relating to COVID-19 to ensure that our WHS obligations are met for staff and Councillors while also minimising risk to our community.
Consistent with directions for non-essential gatherings and meetings, commencing immediately the functioning of all Council, Standing and Advisory Committee meetings will be modified as follows: 
  • Members of the public will not be permitted to attend meetings
  • Any speaker wishing to address a Committee or the Council, will not be permitted to attend in person, however will be required to register in the usual manner
  • If a speaker would like to have a submission read aloud to a meeting, a written submission must be received by Council staff by 12 noon on the day of the meeting
  • A Council staff member will read each submission to the meeting, identifying the name of the person who made the submission
  • All Committee and Council meetings will continue to be webcast
  • Social distancing guidelines of 1.5m separation between ALL Councillors and support staff in attendance will be implemented
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