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Blakehurst Ward councillors celebrate goodwill this Christmas


Blakehurst Ward councillors have come together at Christmas-time to demonstrate the spirit of collaboration and goodwill, something which has existed between them all year. 

“We’re very happy to celebrate Christmas together with our community,” said Councillor Kathryn Landsberry. 

“As Blakehurst Ward councillors, we have found that we’ve been able to achieve really positive results by working cooperatively in order to get things done for our community,” said Councillor Landsberry. 

Her comments were backed by Councillor Sam Elmir, who said, “Each of us want the same things for our community – excellent community facilities, vibrant public spaces, and opportunities for our community members to thrive.” 

Councillor Sandy Grekas was grateful for the cooperative and collaborative approach of her fellow councillors. 

“My fellow ward councillors and I genuinely strive to make meaningful change within and for our community, and we were happy to come together to boost the Christmas spirit within our suburbs by adding some extra cheer,” said Councillor Grekas. 

“On behalf of each of us, we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. We look forward to achieving much more for our community in the New Year.”
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