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Arup welcomes Council’s River Rail report as key to 30-minute Sydney


Georges River Council welcomes the recent article from Arup supporting the release of Council’s River Rail report which proposes immediate investment in the River Rail.

The River Rail is a planned 24 kilometre rail link that would connect Kogarah in Sydney’s south to Parramatta via Bankstown, joining existing strategic centres and health and education precincts.

This critical infrastructure would provide Greater Sydney with access to over 100,000 additional jobs within 45 minutes in 2045 and grow gross regional product by an estimated $7.5 billion between 2030 and 2045.

Arup’s Australasian Cities Leader Dr Tim Williams commended Council’s leadership on this report, saying it has been a privilege to collaborate on the detailed land use and transport integration research.

“Council leadership is key to making our cities successful and inclusive and these initiatives are now more important than ever as stakeholders at all levels rethink how our cities move and focus on economic recovery,” said Dr Tim Williams.

“With its north-south connection, River Rail enables a more polycentric city underpinned by mass and active transit as well as an efficient road network.

“The liveable city of short journeys between home and work is at the heart of this approach – and of a network of connected economies connecting CBDs with sub centres creating diverse employment opportunities and a genuine 30-minute city,” added Dr Williams.

This follows support from the Committee of Sydney, an independent think tank and champion for Greater Sydney, who has highlighted connectivity between Parramatta to Kogarah as a priority for investment.

“This is a fantastic piece of research that explores a crucial link for Sydney,” said Committee for Sydney CEO Gabriel Metcalf.

A Kogarah to Parramatta connection will transform the possibilities for Kogarah and enable it to play fully the role seen for it in the Greater Sydney Commission’s planning as a strategic centre and health and education precinct in this region of Sydney – and as a focus of employment.

In the short term, the recent announcement from the NSW Government regarding service improvements to the T4 Illawarra and T8 Airport lines which service the Georges River LGA is welcomed.

As part of the $4.3 billion More Trains, More Services program, the upgrades will deliver essential mprovements and more services to some of the busiest lines on the network.

These upgrades are critical to easing congestion and connecting our community, workforce and visitors, and will potentially allow for a train as frequently as every two minutes during the peak.

As the number of people and jobs increase, so too should the alignment of infrastructure through greater transport efficiency. Better connections around Greater Sydney will improve the quality of life and productivity for people who live and work in our community.
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