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Art transforms public space in Hurstville


The newly opened Hurstville Plaza has received a colourful makeover, with four artists creating temporary public murals in the square. The project aims to add vibrancy to the Hurstville CBD and provide shared art experiences for the Georges River community.  
Mayor of Georges River Council Kevin Greene explained that the Public Art Program supports Council’s goal of creating a ‘culturally rich’ community, as outlined in its ten-year Community Strategic Plan.
“Congratulations to artists Mehrdad MehrAeen, Mulga (Joel Moore), Elizabeth West and Mike Eleven for their selection in the program and will each bring something unique to Hurstville Plaza for our community to enjoy,” said Mayor Greene.  
“I am delighted that Council is able to continue its support of arts and culture locally through this program, which also features a series of interactive blackboards, where visitors can create their own artworks.
“The public art project follows Council’s inaugural Eat/Art Night Markets at the Hurstville Plaza in April 2019, and I look forward to the continued activation of the interchangeable space as it supports cultural development in our community.”
Artist Aaron McGarry has also brightened up the Hurstville Interchange Open Air Gallery, with an artwork comprising three large-scale sets of bird wings representing peace, pride and love, in celebration of Pride Month 2019. 
Artists were selected to take part in the Hurstville Plaza Public Art Program after they shared their artistic visions for the space as part of an open Expression of Interest process from 13 - 19 May 2019. 

Hurstville Plaza Artists 
Mehrdad MehrAeen is an award-winning Iranian visual artist and musician. As a teenager, he developed a talent for calligraphy and art. In 2013, Mehrdad migrated to Australia as a refugee, and his been continuing his artistic endeavours ever since. After grappling with loneliness and isolation, he began expressing his complex feelings toward his homeland and adopted nation through his art. Mehrdad's artistic approach is based heavily on allowing for improvisation through the creation process, which is also an important feature of traditional Iranian art.
Mulga (Joel Moore) is a Sydney based artist, freelance illustrator and poet who paints murals, designs t-shirts and runs the Mulga brand. He is known for his unique style of intricate line work and bright colours. Having his first art show and launching his art career in early 2012, his creative portfolio to-date is an impressive one, with over 56 shows under his belt. His work in Hurstville Plaza features some native animals of different nationalities represented in the Georges River area, recreated in typical Mulga fashion.
Elizabeth West is a multidisciplinary artist and designer working across conceptual gallery installation, temporary public art installation and community engaged creative projects. Her practice investigates our relationships to environments and resources. Her work in Hurstville Plaza, ‘Nexus’, represents interconnecting pathways leading to the heart of the city. Drawing inspiration from a map of the local area, lines and patterns are woven together in a bold design, celebrating the heart of the city as a place of community interconnection.
Mike Eleven’s large-scale murals explore the individual narratives of people with diverse backgrounds. Working predominantly with portraiture, his works are a reflection of the communities they’re painted in, with the hopes of shining a light on the unsung-heroes. Through large outdoor works, Mike challenges the public to consider new stories and garner a new perspective on the ever-changing identity of the ‘everyday’ Australian. “I want to explore the idea of growing up as a modern-day Chinese-Australian, whose identity sways between the gravitational pull of migrant parents and the boundless opportunities presented by being born in Australia.”
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Banner image: Mulga
Tile image (on homepage): Mike Eleven
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