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Aims to boost night-time economy with ‘Business First’ Strategy


Following a motion by Deputy Mayor Sam Elmir at the Georges River Council meeting on Monday 26 August, a report on a ‘Business First’ Strategy is to be developed by Council that will explore ways of supporting, encouraging and attracting new investment and local jobs.

Councillor Elmir said the Strategy would also provide support for activities that will help create a broad-based night-time economy in the local area.

“It’s important that we identify activities that can boost our night-time economy, and whether Council can take economic or other actions or investments to facilitate this,” said Cr Elmir.

“We also want to introduce a fast-track approval system for establishment of small businesses, including commercial fit-outs, food premises, small bars and signage and other opportunities which remove red tape and streamline the process for startups.

“We want to reduce the time, cost and complexity of processes for people who want to get their businesses up and running,” added Cr Elmir.

Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene said that the report will also look at a city marketing and advocacy program, as well as what key strategic partnerships should be developed to position Georges River as a leading council in Greater Sydney.

“We are keen to attract government investment in the area, focusing on infrastructure that will support our community, and potentially providing a new home for government departments,” said Mayor Greene.

“Ensuring a prosperous and successful Georges River business community will inevitably have a positive impact throughout our vibrant city.

“Council is striving to build local jobs for local people, and make the Georges River an attractive and healthy place to work live and invest in, and by growing a progressive, innovative, diverse and productive economy we are far more likely to succeed,” added Mayor Greene.
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