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Adoption of Innovation Strategy to build local economy and harness expertise


The Georges River Innovation Strategy 2020 was adopted at Monday night’s Council meeting. It is hoped that the strategy will encourage innovative, creative and unified responses to emerging trends and challenges, and build the influence of Council throughout Greater Sydney.

The draft Georges River Innovation Strategy 2020 was on public exhibition from 12 May until 9 June 2020 and looked at the potential for innovation to increase organisational efficiencies and opportunities to partner with business and industry.

Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene said that the strategy has a city-wide focus, and identifies what it will mean to be innovative for both Council and the local community.

“The Georges River Innovation Strategy aims to capitalise on the vast pool of talented knowledge workers in the area, and make it possible for them to engage in lifelong learning that will build their skills, expertise, and creative thinking,” said Mayor Greene.

“We want to create a culture of innovation driven by openness to new ideas, knowledge seeking and sharing, and inclusiveness and collaboration.

“Innovation should also be guided by ethics, integrity and striving for achieving public good. Within Council this means recognising the need to free up and allocate resourcing to ensure there is space to be creative, and giving staff opportunities to contribute ideas.

“Council wants to be more entrepreneurial by fostering start-ups in the private sector and identifying how to tap into the resourceful non-government, not-for-profit sector. This will lead to initiatives that Council can gain commercial value from, and that have the potential to become best practice within our sector.

“By monitoring the impacts of innovations, we can further evolve the strategy and all the actions that stem from it.

“We will drive the establishment and development of a local innovation system built on government, business and the community,” added Mayor Greene.

A further report will investigate the establishment of an Innovation Standing Committee that will drive implementation of the strategy, including initiatives that could achieve productivity savings identified in the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal application reported to Council on 10 February 2020.
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