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RoundUp use being phased out across Georges River LGA


Following community concern over the use of herbicides, Georges River Council has taken action to phase out the use of weed control spray RoundUp throughout the local government area.

Mayor of Georges River Council, Kevin Greene said the health and safety of Council workers and the community was the driving force behind the decision to cease the use of RoundUp herbicide.

“There has been widespread media reporting on the research by the World Health Organisation that indicates a strong link between the Glyphosate and it being a probable human carcinogen,” said Mayor Greene.

“As a proactive measure, Council undertook a trial of a range of products as suitable replacements for RoundUp during late 2018 and early 2019.”

“The trial proved successful, and Council has moved to the use of Arsenal Super which is an effective weed control product that has no carcinogenic properties,” added Mayor Greene.

RoundUp usage is currently at a very low level with Council currently exhausting existing stock, with the product expected to be completely phased out by 1 June 2019.
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