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Raising waste awareness among Hurstville Public School students


In a partnership with Georges River Council students from Hurstville Public School have taken measures to reduce waste in their community and at their school. 

Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene said the School Yard Litter Audit program aimed to build students capacity and voice within the community in relation to litter.

“During busy periods of the day a litter audit was completed of Forest Road, as well as the school grounds to identify the main items of litter,” explained Mayor Greene.

“A range of data was collected by Council, the EPA app, as well as data from bin sensors located along Forest Road, and this was presented to the school.

“Results revealed that over half (57.1%) of litter collected was either recyclable or food scraps.

“Students were educated in alternatives to littering including recycling options, as well as container deposit schemes.

Following the litter audit, an instruction manual was developed by Council to guide students on how to separate and collect litter into three categories to better understand their school’s litter profile.

From the program, an artwork competition was run where students created flag designs that discourage littering in our CBDs.

“We were thrilled to receive 298 submissions from students, and we presented prizes to three winners from Stages 1, 2 and 3 at a school assembly on Monday 27 May,” said Mayor Greene.

“This program encouraged both a sense of responsibility for students’ own litter and the art competition provided an avenue for students to situate themselves as responsible members of the wider community,” added Mayor Greene.

Winners will have their artworks displayed on flagpoles around the Georges River LGA throughout June to support World Environment Day.
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