Hurstville Aquatic Centre creates water from ‘thin air’!


Georges River Council is generating water from air, using sunlight at the Hurstville Aquatic Centre! 
On 19 December 2018, Council launched the Hydropanel array, consisting of eight panels on the roof of the Hurstville Aquatic Centre in Penshurst – an initiative which demonstrates Georges River Council's commitment to innovation and sustainability.
The panels will be trialled over the coming 12 months, and if successful may be rolled out across other Council facilities. The Hydropanel array is completely self-sufficient and off-grid. The panels incorporate solar PV and a small battery which enables water production when the sun shines and water delivery on cloudy days or at night.
Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene explained the process, and expressed his excitement about the potential the system offers in terms of future water supply.
“Water vapour from ambient air is drawn into the Hydropanel via fans and filtered, before pure water is released and condensed into the airtight Hydropanel system,” he explained.
“The filtering system captures and leaves behind any pollutants that might be found in the air, and the filtered water then flows into a reservoir where it is mineralised with calcium and magnesium. 
“Finally, the water flows through a flavour-polishing cartridge before being dispensed at a drinking fountain located in the Aquatic Centre. The water tastes great and is safe for drinking, chilled and free!,” Mayor Greene added.
The water generated within the Hydropanel system is regularly tested to ensure it is safe for drinking. By installing the Hydropanels at the Hurstville Aquatic Centre, Council is actively contributing to the environmental sustainability of its facilities. 

The eight Hydropanels at the Hurstville Aquatic and Leisure Centre produce 2,400 bottles of water per month, which offsets over 400,000 single-use plastic bottles over their 15-year lifetime.  Council encourages the community to visit Hurstville Aquatic Centre with a reusable bottle to taste the free water generated on-site!