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Georges River Council wins State Government Grant to boost tree canopy coverage across local area


The Georges River local government area’s tree population is set to receive a significant boost thanks to a $215,000 grant from the NSW State Government as part of its Five Million Trees for Greater Sydney Grant 2018-19.

Georges River Council will match the grant with an additional $215,000, bringing the total funding for the initiative to $430,000.

The announcement follows Council’s recent endorsement of an interim Tree Management Policy, aimed at encouraging the retention of established trees in the local area and guiding the implementation of a canopy enhancement program.

Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene confirmed the funding would be allocated to two existing Council projects – the Canopy Corridors Project and the Cool Spaces Urban Oasis Project.

“Both of these projects are going to be instrumental in bolstering the urban forest across Georges River to increase canopy coverage in the coming years,” said Mayor Greene.

“This injection of funding from both Council and the State Government will allow us to take a large step towards reaching our goal of 40% tree canopy coverage in the Georges River area by 2038.

“The focus of the Canopy Corridors Project is on increasing tree numbers on public land in areas that have been identified as lacking a green presence including Kogarah, Kogarah Bay, Sans Souci, Hurstville and Beverly Hills, which currently have less than 15% canopy coverage.

“Increasing the green presence will not only cool our suburbs, but help to alleviate surface run-off during rain events and mitigate the effects of habitat fragmentation brought on by urban development.

“As the trees mature, they will provide a suitable habitat for native birds including the locally threatened Swift Parrot, Regent Honeyeater, Powerful Owls and Little Lorikeet,” he added.

As part of the Urban Oasis Project, Council in partnership with the University of New South Wales and Street Furniture Australia is installing three ‘ChillOUT hubs’ across the LGA at locations in Kogarah, Hurstville and Mortdale.

Mayor Greene said the initiative, which has also received $380,507 in Commonwealth Government funding will help to green the localities, while encouraging community connectivity and social cohesion.

“The community has expressed a desire for an increased green presence across the Georges River area and Council is committed to meeting their expectations,” he said.

“These green initiatives are an investment in the future liveability and aesthetic of our area and will help to improve the quality of life for all members of our community.”

Under the NSW State Government’s Five Million Trees for Greater Sydney Grant, 32 projects across 20 Councils have been awarded funding totaling $5,378,407.

Trees will be planted across the Georges River area over the next 18 months and will range in size depending on each site.

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