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Future vision of Georges River Libraries set out in Libraries 2030 strategy


Georges River Council’s recently adopted Libraries 2030 strategy sets out a clear and exciting vision for what the area’s libraries will deliver in 2030 and beyond.

Guiding the development of public library services to 2030, the strategy is a framework for the policies and actions Council will implement over the next ten years to align library services with community needs.
Mayor Greene said the strategy would play a central role in shaping the way library services will be delivered beyond 2030.

“We know that public libraries are active, multi-use spaces that reflect the many different ways in which people want to use them,” said Mayor Greene.

“Already, we have seen a shift away from the traditional notion of a library as simply a place to borrow books. Our libraries house an extensive collection of online resources and also play an important role as a central hub in our community for people to socialise, learn and engage.

“This strategy aims to build on this, by aligning our actions with the needs, habits and expectations of the community, ensuring that our libraries are accessible and inspiring places that encourage learning.”

The strategy sets out a number of goals which include the construction of a new major library to service the western half of the Georges River Local Government area.

Also to be explored are options for improved convenience by providing all hours pick up and drop off services and through the installation of self-service hubs in key population centres.

“We have looked at global trends in best-practice, which views libraries as flexible and adaptable spaces, where people come together,” said Mayor Greene.

“With the cost of community space at a premium, we can look to well-designed spaces such as public libraries to help fulfil these needs, encouraging a wider range of community members to engage with the services our libraries offer.

“I would like to thank the community for providing feedback, which has helped to shape this strategy. We all look forward to seeing the recommendations come to fruition over the coming years,” said Mayor Greene.

The Libraries 2030 strategy is available to read here 


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