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Council launches blitz on unattended deliveries


Georges River Council is conducting a blitz on food deliveries that are left unattended on footpaths, roads or private premises from now until the end of March.

Since the blitz launched on 21 February 2019, Council has issued seven penalty notices to business owners and seized food such as cheese, ham, sprouts and raw chicken.

Correct receipt and storage of food helps to reduce food spoilage and deterioration which can lead to foodborne related illnesses within the community, such as gastroenteritis and salmonella.

Council is reminding all food businesses that under the Food Act, food businesses must ensure delivered food items are received at the correct temperature and immediately stored in cold storage, to reduce risk and prevent exposure to contamination.

Food-poisoning bacteria grow and multiply fastest in the temperature danger zone between 5 °C and 60 °C. It is important to keep high-risk food out of this temperature zone.

Any deliveries left unattended on public land will be impounded by Council without further notice under the Impounding Act, and any high risk food not received immediately by the business will be seized, and the business may be issued a fine under the Food Act.

High-risk foods include:
- raw and cooked meat, including poultry such as chicken and duck
- dairy products
- eggs and egg products
- smallgoods such as hams and salamis
- seafood
- cooked rice and pasta
- prepared salads like coleslaws, pasta salads, fruit salads and rice salads

For more information on the food delivery blitz contact Jessie Heyo, Coordinator Environmental Health on 9330 6251.
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