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Council awards heritage grant for Moorefield Racecourse documentary


Georges River Council has announced $1,600 in funding to local historian and author Anne Field for the Moorefield Racecourse Project, as part of its 2018 Heritage Publication Grants Program.
Anne has lived on the site of the former Moorefield Racecourse, Kogarah, since 1985 and published a book titled The History of Moorefield Racecourse in 2016. The grant will help Anne to continue to tell the story of this significant site through a documentary-style film.
The film will feature interviews with individuals historically connected to the Racecourse, which opened in 1888, including former jockeys and strappers. Kogarah Station and Gladstone, Montgomery and Hogben Streets will also be highlighted in the documentary for their historical significance. 
Mayor Kevin Greene said that he was pleased to provide Anne with the grant, which will assist in the continued preservation of the Georges River area’s rich heritage. 
“I’m delighted to be able to help build on our local historical information and resources by providing a grant to Anne, who has a wealth of knowledge on Moorefield Racecourse,” said Mayor Greene.
“The Georges River area is rich in history, and local residents have many tales to tell. Council is committed to sharing these stories and building a trove of historical material about the area,” he said.
“Kogarah was a horse town and many local residents owned stables and paddocks.  Horses were an everyday sight - they trotted along the road and swam at the beach, and I’m glad we’re able to help Anne bring these colourful stories to life.”
The Moorefield Racecourse hosted its final race in 1951, and has significant connections to the Georges River area because racing horses were offloaded at Kogarah Station and walked down Gladstone Street in Kogarah.
Anne said that she is elated to have been awarded the Heritage Publication Grant, which will help her to further the research on the racecourse which she commenced in 1993.
“I am delighted with the opportunity to produce a video based on my Moorefield Racecourse Kogarah book,” said Anne.
“Moorefield has a wonderful story to tell, and the video will showcase this wonderful part of Kogarah's social history for the community.”
Council’s annual Heritage Publication Grants Program provides financial assistance for the publication of works that tell the story of the history, heritage and development of the Georges River area. 
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