Local Projects, Peakhurst Ward

Peakhurst Park Synthetic Football Field No. 5

Works Start Date: October 2018
Works End Date: June 2019
Location: Peakhurst Park, Trafalgar Street, Peakhurst
Funding: $2 million consisting of funding provided by Council, the St George Football Assocation and the NSW Government

The Peakhurst Park Synthetic Field provides the community with an improved recreational sporting facility which incorporates synthetic playinig surfaces on both the main and training football fields, as well a customised drainage systems and pavements.  Located at Peakhurst Park, this facility focuses on improving the community’s use of the areas through the construction of new facilities.


Oatley Park Nature-based Inclusive Adventure Playground

Works Start Date: July 2018
Works End Date: June 2019
Location: Dame Mary Gilmore Drive, Oatley
Funding: $1.5 million from Council funding and the NSW Government

This Nature Based Adventure Playground is a first class recreational asset which has been sensitively designed to complement its bushland setting. This playground is inclusive and caters for all ages and abilities.  It is primarily constructed natural materials and includes nature based play elements and new picnic facilities. 


Gannons Park Stage 3 - Sportsfield Resurfacing, Irrigation and Drainage

Works Start Date: November 2018
Works End Date: January 2020
Location: Gannons Park, Isaac Street, Peakhurst
Funding: $3.5 million funding from Council and the NSW Office of Local Government

Gannons Park Sportsfield reconstruction includes installation of irrigation, drainage, and turf to an area of approximately 80,000 m2 total (8 senior soccer fields and 5 cricket fields).

Due to the size of this project , the works are being completed in 3 phases:

  1. Soccer fields 1 and 2 and surrounds commenced from November 2018 with all earth/construction works and turfing expected to be completed by April 2019.
  2. Soccer fields 6, 7 and 8 and surrounds to commence from April 2019 with all earth/construction works and turfing expected to be completed by June 2019.  
  3. Soccer fields 3, 4 and 5 and surrounds to commence from the September 2019 with all earth/construction works and turfing expected to be completed January 2020.


Construction of the Gannons Park Water Quality Improvement and Stormwater Harvesting Stage 2

Works Start Date: May 2019
Works End Date: February 2020
Location: Gannons Park, Isaac Street, Peakhurst
Funding: $3 million funding from NSW Government Grant Funding, Australian Government IYLPE (Improving Your Local Parks and Environment Grants) and Council Drainage Reserve
Upper Boggywell Creek, which formerly flowed through the Gannons Park site prior to the installation of a large stormwater culvert, will be partially reinstated in lower Gannons Park. Reinstating the creek along with additional stormwater treatment (ponds, wetlands, swales and bioretention systems) will improve water quality of the stormwater entering the Georges River and will also provide a water resource for future harvesting and treatment to irrigate the upper Gannons Park sporting fields.

Stormwater will be diverted from an underground pipe to a reinstated creek. The water will flow through wetlands, swales and bioretention systems where it will be treated to remove pollutants. Ponds will store water for future reuse onsite and for irrigating the playing fields at upper Gannons Park.

What are the beneftis of the design?

Reinstatement of the creek and installation of the swales, wetlands, ponds and bioretention systems will improve the local environment by increasing biodiversity, improving the quality of stormwater entering the Georges River, save potable water and provide more opportunities to enjoy the park through the associated landscaping. A new and more accessible path will link Upper and Lower Gannons Park.

Once fully complete, the scheme will provide 26 million litres each year for harvesting, reducing potable water use. In terms of water quality, the scheme will remove 16,000 kg of sediment, 22 kg of phosphorus and 131 kg of nitrogen every year from flows entering the Georges River.

When can I expect these upgrades?

Stage 1 works were completed in 2018. Stage 2 works are underway and is expected to be complete in May 2020, weather permitting.

Design and Construction of the Myles Dunphy Reserve Boardwalk

Works Start Date: April 2019
Works End Date: Complete
Location: Myles Dunphy Reserve, Mimosa Street, Oatley
Funding: $450,00 consisting of funding provided by Council and the IYLPE Funding

The Works include:

  • The design and construction of approximately 165m length of boardwalk, ramps and access stairs in Myles Dunphy Reserve, Oatley. The materials used for this structure will be Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP).
  • The boardwalk will bridge across the creek within Myles Dunphy Reserve forming a new connection between Waratah Street on the east and the existing dirt trail to the west which is located approximately 40 metres south of an existing set of stairs coming down from Woronora Parade.
  • The boardwalk will complete the existing walking trail within Myles Dunphy Reserve thus forming a loop that will allow walkers to circumnavigate the reserve.
Myles Dunphy Reserve Boardwalk Persective

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