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Executive Team

On this page you will find everything you need to know about the executive team and the roles that lead planning and service delivery in the local government area.
Image of General Manager,David Tuxford
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David Tuxford - Acting General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for:

  • day-to-day operations of the council
  • implementation of the council's strategic plans and objectives
  • delivery of services and infrastructure to the Georges River community
  • management of council staff
  • council's financial management.

This is undertaken with the support of the Executive Team outlined below.

  • Director Environment and Planning

    The Environment & Planning Directorate offers a professional and customer focused approach in delivering a range of services to manage our built environment. The Directorates functions are:

    Development and Building 

    • Pre lodgement service for development applications (DA, Mod or Review) or Complying Development Certificate.
    • Advice and assessment of developments in relation to urban design, drainage, stormwater, traffic, landscaping and tree matters.
    • Assessment and determination of development applications, complying development, construction certificates and occupation Certificates.

    Environment Health and Regulatory Services 

    • Compliance and regulatory program relating to parking patrols, animal management, abandoned vehicles, illegal land uses, unauthorised building works, non-compliance with approvals and unauthorised works to trees located on private land.
    • Swimming pool and fire safety program.
    • Management of the waste services.
    • Environmental management and sustainability programs.
    • Food premises and public health inspection program.

    Strategic Planning 

    • Strategic direction and policy framework developed in relation to land uses, built form, public spaces and the environment.
    • Assessment of planning proposals.
    • Management the development contributions framework.
    • Plans of Management and master plans for the parks and reserves.
    • Heritage program.
  • Director Assets and Infrastructure

    Assets & Infrastructure are the custodians of the infrastructure asset portfolio across four main asset classes, with an extensive road pavement, footpath and kerb and gutter network; over 280 parks and reserves across 440 hectares and 27,000 street and public trees; underground stormwater assets and numerous Council owned buildings. All of which require planned maintenance, renewal and upgrades.
    To ensure that we deliver the necessary planned maintenance, renewal and upgrade of our existing significant asset portfolio, as well as responding to community needs, the Assets & Infrastructure Directorate consists of the four main business units:

    • City Operational Services - delivers a range of maintenance services across the local government area.
    • City Technical Services - are responsible for the delivery of our current capital works program across Council.
    • Strategic Placemaking - is the planning arm of the directorate and is structured into the four asset categories of Stormwater, Buildings, Roads and Open Space and is charged with delivering the Strategic Asset Management Plan, the 10-year Capital Plan, Grant Funding opportunities and Specific Asset Management Plans that inform the activities of the previous two business units to deliver effective maintenance and capital programs for each asset class.
    • Premium Facilities - manage all aspects of Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, Hurstville Oval and Harold Fraser Oval including venue hire, marketing, ticketing, catering and events. They are also responsible for managing the agreements with our partners at Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre, Hurstville Golf Course, Beverly Park Golf Course and Sans Souci Swimming Pool.
  • Director Business and Corporate Services

    Business and Corporate Services provide a range of administrative functions to Council and the directorates.

    The Business and Corporate Services functions are:

    • Finance - accounts payable and receivable, rates collection, collection of 15 million revenue and procurement.
    • People and Culture - performance excellence framework, recruitment and selection, payroll, work, health and safety and leadership development.
    • Information Management Technology - helpdesk, records management, information security, data governance and reporting and implementing and support new systems and hardware.
    • Governance and Risk Management - code of conduct, legislation, government information (public access) act (GIPA act), fraud and corruption control, insurance claims and business continuity plan.
    • Commercial Property - acquiring new properties, disposing of surplus properties, commercial car parks and leasing and licensing of operational land and commercial properties.
  • Director Community and Culture

    The Community and Culture directorate works in partnership with the community to ensure it is socially and culturally connected. The team provides diverse and vibrant programs, services and facilities that bring together communities, deliver cultural and creative engagement opportunities and support the informational needs of our community. As such, the Director Community and Culture oversees the following three distinct business units:

    City Life 

    • The Customer Experience team provide timely and accurate information to the community, efficiently resolve enquiries and promote Council services and programs. 
    • The Events and Sponsorship team provide opportunities for the community to celebrate and engage across various demographics and locations through the delivery of an annual calendar of events.
    • The Community Property team manage Council’s community properties, leased to various sporting and community organisations. 
    • The Programming and Operations team manage the hiring of Council’s nine community centres and two performance venues.

    Cultural Engagement and Library Services 

    • The Library Services team provide welcoming locations that respond to and support the informational, cultural, recreational and educational needs of our diverse community. 
    • The Cultural Services team manage Hurstville Museum & Gallery, curate temporary and travelling exhibitions, and provide education and public cultural programs.

    Community and Early Learning Services 

    • The Community Capacity Building team provide a wide array of services and support mechanisms for our diverse community.. 
    • The Early Learning Services team offer care and education for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years. 
  • Director City Strategy and Innovation

    The Director oversees Council programs, strategies and projects that seek to position the Georges River area and Council as a strong and influential entity in both Greater Sydney and NSW.

    This is achieved by advocating for government investment and support, promoting the area as a great place for business and investment, building a place brand for Georges River and encouraging visitation.

  • Director Legal Services and General Counsel

    The Director – Legal Services oversees council’s internal legal service and manages risk associated with legal advice and legal action, while ensuring costs incurred are manage.


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If you wish to raise a particular issue with us, we recommend you raise a Customer Service Request. This will ensure your matter is scheduled with the appropriate teams and will allow you to track the progress of the issue.

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