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Mayoral Column - GreenPower - making renewable energy accessible to everyone


Caring for the environment and taking steps towards a sustainable future is a top priority for Council and many of the residents and businesses in the Georges River region. However, the community may be overwhelmed when it comes to taking meaningful steps to become more sustainable, especially when it comes to navigating the renewable energy market.

Many are renting or live in apartments where installing solar panels is not possible, and with the array of different renewable energy plans in the market it may be hard for the community to know which providers are reliable and trustworthy.

This is why I am pleased to share that Council is supporting ‘GreenPower’, a greater Sydney initiative from City of Sydney that aims to help grow Australia’s renewable energy sector and make sustainable energy accessible to all.

GreenPower is the only government accredited and audited green energy program and is ideal for those who can’t install rooftop solar and for those with solar who use electricity from the grid at times. GreenPower is available to those who rent as well as homeowners.

This initiative is a great opportunity for residents and businesses to build on the success already achieved by Council. We have met our target to source 100 percent renewable energy for Council operations three years early, with a new contract that began in July last year.

We have such a strong environment-minded community here in the Georges River area, and a wealth of natural environment to protect and conserve. This program is an incredibly positive opportunity to make strides towards a more sustainable future.

To find out more about GreenPower and how to switch visit Councils's GreenPower webpage.

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