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Mayoral Column - Emergency Ready Week


As Emergency Ready Week 19 – 25 September is highlighted this week by the Australian Red Cross with its “Get Ready” Resilient Sydney Strategy, I’d like to remind members of our community to stop and reassess their emergency plans. Do you have one?

Climate change is a big challenge for all of us as floods, storms and bush fires have been the forefront concern for many over the past few years and for the summer ahead. Extreme weather events and the COVID-19 pandemic have increased challenges for Sydney communities including the Georges River area.

It is important for communities to strengthen our ability to survive, adapt and thrive no matter what comes our way.

We find that residents turn to Council in times of crisis for up-to-date information and support.

In these times of need, Council is dedicated to continuously show up for its community from repairing roads and clearing waste, to managing recovery centres and working with NGOs to provide wrap-around support.

I encourage you to sit down with your loved ones and thoroughly plan as emergency preparedness sees you recover faster if disaster strikes.

To get emergency ready, I suggest these steps:

  1. Download the Get Prepared app – get ready to make an emergency plan for your household to protect what matters most with this app that is IOS and Android compatible. You can also download a paper version to create an emergency RediPlan.
  2. Work through your plan and share it – establish your network of support with your three key contacts. Share your plan with the people you know and can ask for help in an emergency. Your current emergency plan is always available and easy to share with anyone you're connected with.
  3. Download and use the survival kit checklist – Make a plan using the simple checklists that help you complete the important actions that make you prepared for emergencies.

The Get Prepared app takes residents through four simple steps to be better prepared for any emergency. These include knowing your risks, where to get information, how to manage stress, identify emergency contacts, and suggested meeting places.

It also prompts you to get organised with important documents, medical information, insurance, pet plans and a suggested list of keepsakes and items to pack in case of an emergency.

Even a short amount of time to prepare a plan and share it with your loved ones can have major benefits.

For more information, visit Council’s website: Georges River Council - Community Safety

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