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Mayoral Column – Georges River Night Time Economy


When people think of nightlife, pubs and clubs immediately come to mind. However, there is so much more to Georges River night-time offerings. As a Council we want to promote, expand, and invest in the diverse range of activities Georges River offers after 6pm. By supporting these night-time activities, community connection and night-time culture can flourish, paving the way for increased business opportunities and economic growth. 
Council has been announced as a round three partner under Transport for NSW Places to Love Program. This grant, which is proudly funded by the NSW Government, gives Georges River the opportunity to explore how public spaces, such as streets, open spaces and public facilities, can be utilised for temporary night-time activities. 
Leveraging the excitement of the Olympics, we will be screening Olympic skate park heats, and developing an engaging public program featuring skateboarding and breakdancing at Olds Park, Penshurst.
These sports are a great representation of how outdoor areas can be used for activities, bringing people together. Public screenings of events like Eurovision and screenings of the Matilda’s games, bring the local community together to support and celebrate sporting and cultural achievements.
Successful advocacy is driven by and for the community. This was demonstrated through the youth petition to refurbish Olds Park, a great example of how our community came together to drive innovation and new ways of thinking. My hope is that, as a community, we can come together again and cultivate a new culture around the night-time.  
I touched on the economic benefits of night-time activities, but there are also social benefits for our community. Engaging in night-time events and activities creates safer spaces and allows more opportunity for community connection. As a community with many families and youth, I encourage you all to consider the benefits for our young people.
Vibrant areas are safe areas. Young people commuting through these areas won't have to navigate the darkness alone. Vibrant areas allow for creativity. Creativity is the heart of night-time activities. Whether it’s about engaging in band performances, screenings, or discovering a new interest, there's plenty of opportunity for expression and innovation. 
These Olympic screenings are just the beginning of Council’s pursuit of a thriving nightlife. We will be seeking your feedback during these events to get a better understanding of what types of activations you want to see in your community, and where you want to see them. As part of the Places to Love Program, we will deliver additional interventions during the warmer summer months based on what you tell us. As the year goes on, we will touch on these projects further and encourage community participation. I hope to see you at these events.