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Georges River Council Elections 2021


2021 NSW Local Government Elections

Saturday 4 December 2021

Georges River Council has engaged the NSW Electoral Commission (‘NSWEC’) to administer the elections on Saturday 4 December 2021.

Residential Roll

The Residential Roll was finalised at 6.00pm on Monday 25 October 2021.

Check if your enrolment details are up to date.

For all enquiries, please call the NSW Electoral Commission on 1300 135 736.

Non-Residential Roll

Applications to be on the Non-Residential Roll closed at 6.00pm on 25 October 2021.

The Georges River Council Non-Residential Roll has been finalised and is available for inspection at Council’s Civic Centre, Corner MacMahon and Dora Streets, Hurstville.

For all enquiries, please call the NSW Electoral Commission on 1300 135 736.

Changes to pre-poll and postal voting eligibility criteria for the 2021 Local Government elections

Eligibility criteria for pre-poll (early voting) and postal voting have changed. Additional criteria have been introduced for the 2021 Local Government elections to make it easier for electors to vote in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Postal voting

  • Applications commence on 26 October 2021 and close at 5.00pm on 29 November 2021
  • Mailing of postal voting packs commence on 8 November 2021.
  • In addition to existing postal vote eligibility criteria, the following criteria also apply.
    • You are able to use postal voting if you
    • are a permanent or temporary resident in a hospital, nursing home, retirement village or similar facility
    • are self-isolating because of COVID-19 related reasons
    • reasonably believe that attending a polling place on election day will pose a risk to the health or safety of yourself or people around you, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

​Return of completed postal votes

  • Postal votes may now be returned by 6pm on Friday 17 December 2021.
  • It is important to note that electors should still return their postal vote as soon as possible.  

Online and Operator Assisted Voting (iVote)

  • iVote registration and voting opens on Monday 22 November 2021.
  • iVote registration closed at 1pm on Saturday 4 December 2021.
  • iVote voting closed at 6pm on Saturday 4 December 2021.
  • You may be eligible to use iVote (online voting option) at this election.
  • You can vote using iVote if you:
    • are blind or have low vision.
    • have a disability, within the meaning of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977, and because of the disability you have difficulty voting at a polling place
    • require assistance to vote because you are unable to read or write
    • are not within 20 kilometres, by the nearest route, of a polling place
    • are a silent elector
    • will not be within the local government area during the hours of voting on election day
    • applied for ​a postal vote but did not receive your postal ballot papers before 5pm on 29 November 2021. 

Where to vote and other important locations

Georges River Council 

Georges River Council will elect 15 Councillors to represent the community across the five wards. Councillors will be elected for a term of 3 years as the election in 2020 was postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The 5 wards of Georges River Council are outlined below:

Georges River Council Map

Becoming a Councillor

If you're passionate about what happens in your local community, becoming a Councillor is an exciting opportunity to make a difference and to represent the interests of residents.

For more information on how to become a Councillor please see the Office of Local Government website 

The nomination process, the electoral laws that candidates must comply with and the ongoing obligations of councillors to make disclosures about electoral funding are administered by the NSW Electoral Commission (‘NSWEC’). Non-compliance with or mistakes about these responsibilities may mean political participants miss out on running in an election and/or find themselves facing significant enforcement action, such as fines.
We suggest that candidates consult with the NSWEC to get a full understanding of the processes, their obligations in relation to nomination and other laws that apply to candidates.  Although the NSWEC cannot give legal advice about a person’s specific circumstances, candidates should review the NSWEC website at for more information. Candidates are encouraged to contact the NSWEC via email  or phone the Candidate Helpdesk 1300 022 011.

For further information on the election, please see below resources:


Pledge of Respect

Georges River Council calls on candidates for election to sign the Pledge of Respect


Online Register of Candidates Who Have Pledged Respect to Others

Date Name Political Party Candidate for
18/08/2021 Sandy Grekas Independent Blakehurst Ward
20/08/2021 Warren Tegg Australian Labor Party Mortdale Ward
13/10/2021 Lou Konjarski Liberal Party   Peakhurst Ward
13/10/2021 Sam Elmir Liberal Party   Blakehurst Ward
13/10/2021 Sam Stratikopoulos  Liberal Party   Kogarah Bay Ward
13/10/2021 Nancy NX Liu Liberal Party   Hurstville Ward
15/10/2021 Nicholas Smerdely Liberal Party   Mortdale Ward
21/10/2021 Colleen Symington Australian Labor Party Hurstville Ward
22/10/2021 Kevin Greene Australian Labor Party Peakhurst Ward
22/10/2021 Nick Katris Australian Labor Party Kogarah Bay Ward
22/10/2021 Lisa Da Silva Independent Blakehurst Ward
22/10/2021 Susan Szalay Independent Blakehurst Ward
24/10/2021 Adrian Prakash Independent Mortdale Ward
26/10/2021 Arthur Wang Independent Hurstville Ward
1/11/2021 Ashvini Ambihaipahar Australian Labor Party Mortdale Ward
1/11/2021 Greg Bondar Independent Blakehurst Ward
2/11/2021 Damian Cook Independent Mortdale Ward
3/11/2021 Leesha Payor Kogarah Residents' Association
Kogarah Bay Ward
3/11/2021 Kurt Cheng Australian Labor Party Hurstville Ward
4/11/2021 Greg McAleer Independent Kogarah Bay Ward
4/11/2021 Kathryn Landsberry Australian Labor Party Blakehurst Ward
5/11/2021 Lachlan McLean Independent Kogarah Bay Ward
6/11/2021 Valerie Opitz Kogarah Residents' Association Kogarah Bay Ward
6/11/2021 John McCarthy Kogarah Residents' Association Kogarah Bay Ward
12/11/2021 Shamil Samji Australian Labor Party Kogarah Bay Ward
12/11/2021 Andrew Ogden Australian Labor Party Mortdale Ward
13/11/2021 Fran Smith Australian Labor Party Blakehurst Ward
13/11/2021 Mark Ay Australian Labor Party Hurstville Ward
14/11/2021 Veronica Ficarra Australian Labor Party Peakhurst Ward
14/11/2021 Peter Gayton Australian Labor Party Peakhurst Ward
15/11/2021 Brenda Eggleton  Independent Mortdale Ward
15/11/2021 Narendra Kumar Nadiu Independent Mortdale Ward
15/11/2021 Stephen Agius Liberal Party Kogarah Bay
16/11/2021 Malik Nasser Liberal Party Hurstville Ward
16/11/2021 Dave Grosvenor Liberal Party Blakehurst Ward
16/11/2021 Elizabeth Taylor Liberal Party Blakehurst Ward
16/11/2021 Oliver Dimoski Liberal Party Mortdale Ward
16/11/2021 Michael Apokourastos Liberal Party Mortdale Ward
17/11/2021 Chris Pettett Liberal Party Hurstville Ward
17/11/2021 Fox Chan Independent Mortdale Ward
18/11/2021 Bingxing Sheng Liberal Party  Kogarah Bay Ward
19/11/2021 Xiao Wang Independent Hurstville Ward
24/11/2021 Ben Wang Independent Hurstville Ward
28/11/2021 Dina Ghazal Independent Peakhurst Ward
2/12/2021 Greg & Zale Briscoe- Hough Independent Mortdale Ward


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