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A 'food business' is defined under the NSW Food Act 2003 as:

  • The handling of food intended for sale, and/or

  • The sale of food.

The Food Act applies to any business, enterprise or activity of a commercial, charitable or community nature, as well as the handling or sale of food on one occasion only. 

It is a legislative requirement that all retail food businesses notify their local Council of their intention to trade. Notification is required for:

  • All new food businesses

  • All new food business owners

  • Any change to food business details. 

To notify Council of your food business, complete and submit the applicable form below: ​

General Food Business
Temporary Food Premises Permit Application Form

General Food Businesses 

Bed and breakfast accomodation 
Health food shops
Home businesses
Licensed Clubs 
Fruit and vegetable shops
General stores 

Opening a General Food Business

During the planning stage it is highly recommended that you seek free advice from Council on the type of approval you may need. Sometimes a Development Application may be required to be lodged, or in other cases a Complying Development Consent is needed. 

In addition to the legislative requirements, the fit out of the new business must be in accordance with Australian Standards AS4674: 2004Design construction and fit-out of food premises. The document is available at Council’s libraries. 

Purchasing an Existing Food Business

Options available: 

1. Obtain the Condition of Consent for the existing food business

This document will provide you with conditions placed on the existing food business. Information may include the hours of operation and any restriction on the use.

2. Request to obtain the last Food Inspection report

The last Food Inspection report can be obtained from Council through GIPAA – Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. It is important to understand that comments on this report represents the time when it was inspected and may not be current at the time of your purchase.

3. Request a pre-purchase inspection report

Council’s Environmental Health Officers can conduct a ‘pre-purchase inspection’ of the food business you are interested in purchasing. The pre-purchase inspection report is produced based upon the compliance of the construction and fit-out of the premises.

Home Food Businesses

Home-based food businesses can be a hobby for extra income or the start of something much larger. Learn more about home-based and mixed businesses.

Approval and notification is required to operate a home-based food business. 

Temporary Food Businesses

Food businesses classed as 'temporary' include food stalls and mobile food vehicles that operate on public land or public road ways that are not in a permanent structure.
In addition to notifying Council: 


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